DMTCP: Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing


If you're like me, you get incredibly bored sitting through demos. Demos always work, and you never see the software crashing or the user struggling to figure out what the next step is.

But sometimes it's faster than downloading the software and trying it out. So, I'll tell you right now what the demo does. That way, you can close this tab of your browser now, and you won't have to actually sit through the demo.

Basically, there are three parts:

  1. Extract the tarball, configure, and make: about one minute of the demo.
  2. Run a simple program, dmtcp1, that knows how to count. Checkpoint it and watch it restart from the same number that it was up to at the time of the checkpoint: about two minutes of the demo.
  3. Run GNU screen, and run vi (really, vim), and emacs in two of three windows inside 'screen'. (By the way, if you haven't tried 'screen', check it out. It's an old text-oriented version of tabbed terminal windows --- but it's very fast.) We end up with about seven processes total. We checkpoint them in about a second. We then restart them in about another second. This part of the demo takes about four or five minutes. (Sorry, I'm a slow typist. :-) )

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