DMTCP: Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing

Condor Integration:

IMPORTANT: We have a report that the script below is not compatible with Condor version 8 and the latest DMTCP. We will be updating our pointer to a canonical script that supports Condor-8/DMTCP. If you use Condor-8, please check back here later.

Condor is a system to support high throughput computing. It is free and open source. The Condor standard universe supports a Condor-specific checkpoint-restart feature for long-running jobs. But the standard universe is too restrictive for some users. (For example, it does not support multi-threaded processes.)

The Condor Vanilla Universe supports most types of programs, including multi-threaded, multi-process, etc. But it does not natively support checkpoint-restart.

In joint work with the Condor team, we support checkpoint-restart for the Condor Vanilla Universe, thus providing the best of both worlds (vanilla universe + checkpoint-restart). The Condor distribution includes a shim script (shim_dmtcp) to interface between Condor and DMTCP. This web page will guide you on how to register with Condor and then download the shim script. For the user's convenience, we also provide

Finally, we provide a pdf document,

to help introduce you to how to use Condor with shim_dmtcp, in order to use DMTCP-based checkpoint-restart with the Condor Vanilla Universe. If you are already familiar with Condor, you can probably read the first page, and then skip to the appendix for the sample submit description file.

Debian 6.0: Please note that a bug report has been filed for Debian 6.0. This bug prevents the integration of Condor/DMTCP/Debian. A full description, and a workaround is described on this Condor wiki page:

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